Friday, May 14, 2010

CREED Sublime Vanille

While I love the first fragrance in the new CREED collection called Royal Exclusives, CREED Sublime Vanille is not something that I will add to my collection. Yes, it's beautifully bottled in a hand-blown Pochet glass etched with CREED’s famous crest, and is huge at 8.4 ounces, but it's $475, and for me, it's just not justified. The fabric pump is a nice touch, and when not in use, the pump is easily removed and replaced with a multifaceted hand-cut glass stopper that turns the bottle into an art piece. For travel, the glass top can be covered with white Italian leather, secured with a gold cord.
So, there I am, standing at the counter, dousing myself with this juice. I can still hear the Neiman Marcus SA now. "In a week, that price is going up $100." It left such a bad taste in my mouth.
With that said, this smells so delicious. On first whiff, I got the citrus and vanilla. As time passed, the vanilla stayed and the slight musk came through.
It does not have long lasting power which is why I would never drop that much money on it, even if it's a lovely scent. By the time I got home, I asked my husband what he thought. He says, "It smells like baby powder. Nothing special..." Within an hour, there was no trace of it. Such a disappointment.
Top note: Vanilla from climbing orchids of Tahiti, heady Bourbon vanilla of South America.
Middle note: Luscious Tonka bean for profound depth.
Base note: A touch of bergamot orange for a citrus accent with a bracing dab of Calabrian lemon. Rare musk.
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