Thursday, May 20, 2010

How Dr. Ohhira saved my skin

For months, I was struggling with a cluster of what I thought was tiny pimples on my chin. After 2 weeks of them not going away, I noticed they spread to the other side of my chin. Because I am one of the millions without health insurance, I went straight to the Internet. I did my homework. I googled for hours for all kinds of things that could be causing this breakout on my face. All my life, I have been blessed with nice skin, so I couldn’t understand it. Could it be eczema? Could I have developed rosacea? Is it a bacterial infection? Is it stress? Is it my diet? From looking at pictures and reading detailed descriptions of what others were experiencing, I came to the conclusion that it was Perioral Dermatitis. I did tons of research on how to cure it naturally, at home. I wasn’t about to go to my dermatologist so that she could put me on antibiotics. I read that most docs like to prescribe skin creams containing steroids, because they work, initially. But then your skin condition comes back – and worse. No thanks. So, as I searched for answers, I did everything that was recommended. I switched to fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste. I like Sea Fresh Toothpaste by Jason. I think it works and tastes the best. I started taking Oil of Oregano. It's a natural antibiotic and it’s supposed to destroy organisms that contribute to skin infections and digestive problems. Instead of using any sort of facial moisturizer, I started to slather Nutiva’s Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil all over my face. I switched my cleanser to Epicuren’s Herbal Cleanser and would only wash my face once a day. I switch all of my shampoos and body washes to SLS free. Sometimes if I was feeling really u-g-l-y, I would dab some Tea Tree Oil on my chin. I used Emu Oil because it reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin. I stopped wearing makeup! I even went on a cleanse. I stopped eating eggs, meat, dairy, sugar and anything white. I was taking probiotics called BioK. I made sure to take my fish oil and evening primrose oil, which is believed to be beneficial in the treatment of a wide range of conditions such as  Eczema and  skin irritations like atopic dermatitis. Apparently our body does not produce essential fatty acids, making it important to bring in these nutrients through diet and skin care. 
After all this, I started to notice that my chin was clearing up! YAY! Then one morning, I looked in the mirror. There it was. On my left eye. A cluster of little red bumps right below my lower lash line! NO! This can’t be happening to me! Then I noticed it spread to my right eye. WHAT? Why? In my continuous search for new and amazing beauty products, I came across a soap at one of my favorite grocery stores, Henry’s. It was the most expensive soap on the wall, but it said that it was a probiotic. I figured I would try it. Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Kampuku Soap. I didn’t dare use a bar soap on my face, but on my body, it was great. When I was done with the bar, I went back to my favorite bar soap, Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Coconut Soap. In the meantime, I was reading one of my favorite websites by Ann Louise of Fat Flush fame. She was discussing cancer causing Cosmetics and Shampoo. She mentioned Dr. Ohhira's soap and how much she loves it for fighting germs. I ran right back out to Henry’s to buy another bar. While I was there, I was talking to a sales associate about Kombucha Tea. I asked if he thought it would clear up the skin around my eyes. He tells me that they carry a soap that people swear by. They use it on their face and it clears everything up. He tells me it’s by Dr. Ohhira. I show him that I already have it in my basket. I go home and wash my face with it that night. It has been three days and I kid you not, these bumps are almost completely cleared up. I am in amazement.
It’s described as a beauty bar with natural plant extracts and essential herbs that leaves skin radiant, supple, and youthful. Not only does this beauty bar keep skin moist but it’s also a deodorant. His soap is free of artificial colors and fragrances, stabilizers, chemicals, preservatives, and I LOVE it! They say it’s ideal for dry or oily skin. I have dry skin. I have seen it retail for anywhere from $9.00 to $12.00 and it's worth every penny. If you suffer at all, learn from my experience. Go out and get yourself this soap. If you do, I would love to know if it worked for you. I will keep you updated on future posts as to it effectiveness.

Product of Japan

Ingredients (Percentage & Purpose)
Fatty Sodium 94.8% - Detergent
Lactic Acid Bacteria Extract (Probiotic)* 4.0% - Humidifying Agent
Mountain Spring Water 0.7% - Solvent
Carame 0.5% - Humidifying Agent
*Ingredients in Lactic Acid Bacteria (Probiotics) Extract. Extract is comprised of natural, wild growing plants hand-harvested from the vast mountain region of the Chugoku district of Japan, seaweed from Japan’s ocean and mountain spring water. Raw ingredients are apricot, mugwort, brown seaweed, oleaster, plum, wild strawberry, mulberry, sea tangle, Chinese bayberry, wild vine, Chinese matrimony, shiitake mushroom, Chinese cabbage and loquat. Raw ingredients are carefully blended, naturally fermented and matured for up to five years.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to meet the editor of this blog via another internet website. We are both self professed product lovers-makeup junkies. Through the course of our friendship, she told me about her blog. So I eagerly checked it out.
    I couldn't believe it when I came to THIS section and read how she had experienced facial bumps. I HAVE THE SAME THING!! The bumps appeared within the past nine months, just out of the blue. I've had numerous trips to the Dermatologist, tried various high end products and prescription items, all which left me with little or no results. She sent me a bar of the Dr. Ohhira probiotic soap. I couldn't wait to try it!
    After three days, I could SEE results! After less than two weeks, the bumps/red areas/raised areas are GONE completely! I am nothing short of amazed given the number of products I have tried in the past six months plus and the amount of money I have spent. I have also spent an emormous amount of time trying to determine what factors have caused it to begin with - allergy? diet? something in my facial routine? I couldn't come up with a logical explanation and was so bothered by the appearance of my skin. My daughter even teased me that I had a facial std! lol
    I'm THRILLED that with daily use of this soap, I no longer need a multi product routine. Just this soap. No moisturizer, ! Three weeks later, my face looks better and feels better than it has in YEARS!! That's the most honest and candid way I can put it. I'm so in debt to Michele for turning me on to this soap. Can't thank her enough. She is single handedly changing the skincare routine of MANY with the self marketing of this soap. Dr. Ohhira should PAY HER to be a marketing rep! I personally know of four others she has now referred this to and are now giving it a try.
    Great job! Thanks SO much! You truly changed my life. : )


  2. I am a lucky girl to have found this post! I contacted the author of this blog, Michele, after reading it and she was so thoughtful and kind to send me lovely samples of the Dr. Ohhira Probiotic Kampuku soap. In addition, I told Michele that I suffer from diverticulitis and she told me about Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic supplements and even contacted the company on my behalf to send me samples.
    Well, between the Kampuku soap and probiotic supplements, I feel like a new person!! My skin simply GLOWS now and my stomach feels AMAZING! I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to both Michele and Dr Ohhira's products.
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful post!!